Alibi (lat.) literally, also proof of innocence.


From the early childhood the sisters Anna (June 16, 1982) and Angelina (November, 10 1983) have been keen on music and singing.

They have always sung together. Since the girls turned 5, they have become the soloists of the folklore band Strumochek (Streamlet) run by A. Zavalskyi, which is a prize-winner of 17 international festivals and has performed in more than 15 countries of the world.

Afterwards the girls try their hand in pop music. Being 7- 9 years old the sisters make their debut in the childrens TV contest Fant-Lotto Nadezhda, presenting a duo called Alga.

Anna and Alina are becoming active participants of the musical TV contest Zirky na stsenu ( Stars, on the stage!). Since 1996 they are performing as the hosts of the show on the First National TV Chanel. At this time the duo Vizavi is born. At this particular moment the girls try their hand in writing their own songs, where Anna creates the lyrics and Alina composes the music. The material for the debut album is being collected. From this creative impulse the sisters are starting their professional career as pop singers.

1997 the sisters graduate from the Kiev music school #32, majoring in violin.

1998 get accepted at Kiev State University College of Variety and Circus Arts at the Department of variety singing. Having graduated with honors in 2002, the girls have worked at radio Z for 3 years. They ran their author program Z Relax and Hip-hop non-stop, which gave them the opportunity to shape their music taste and helped them to decide upon their own style.  On December, 16 1998 the girls band Cappuccino is created with its leading soloists Anna and Alina. Two CDs have been recorded: Kapli dozhdya (Rain drops)(1999) and  Devushka s vostoka (Oriental Girl) (2000).

The duo Alibi have shot 4 music videos: Cappuccino (V.Pryduvalov), Cute boy (N.Shevchuk), New Fairy Tale (V.Pryduvalov), Dont Look At Me (D.Makhamatdinov, Moscow). In March 2000 Anna and Alina together with the co-producer A.Zavalskyi come to joint agreement to leave the band and start up on their own.

2002 Anna and Alina get accepted in State Academy of Governing Managerial Staff of Culture and Arts, on the department of direction.

In 2005 having brilliantly defended their diploma thesis, the girls graduate with honors and become specialists with higher education.



On April 6th 2001 the duo Alibi is founded (Anna Zavalskaya and Angelina Zavalskaya). The father of Anna and Angelina Alexander Zavalskyi, who is a professional musician , has become the producer of the band. D.Klimashenko (singer, composer, sound-producer) is also highly involved in the creative process of the duo. The team is united by mutuality of music interests and tastes. Before long, duo Alibi together with D.Klimashenko presented the joint single on the song of the same name Alibi, which soon became the name of the newborn duo and produced a bright start up of the new band in the new millennium.   

Music styles such as RnB, SOUL, 2STEP, DISCO, which are supported by the duo, make it stand out against a background of musical monotony, producing the false image of non-commercial band. Nevertheless, the interest in the band is constantly growing, the audience, fans and followers are coming into being.

During the period of fruitful cooperation of Alibi with D.Klimashenko there were recorded: 2 joint singles Alibi and Na Rizdvo (For Christmas), joint album Dve slezy (Two Teardrops) (2001) and two music videos Albi directed by M.Papernik, camera. A.Stepanov and Dve slezy (Two Teardrops) directed by S.Gorov, camera. A.Stepanov.   

In September 2002 the shooting of the first music video for the song Da ili net (Yes or No) took place (directed by M.Papernik, camera A.Stepanov). It became a real breakthrough and set up a solo flight of a new independent duoAlibi.

In November 2003 the duo Alibi have presented the first CD under the title Da ili Net (Yes or No) ("" Records). Anna and Alina believe it is their first CD, as they make their debut as authors of all songs together with talented composers, arranger, musician and sound-producer Mikhail Nekrasov. Conceptual and stylistic selection of the songs in the CD Yes or No gives a clear vision of music content and orientation of the duo Alibi. The fact that the majority of Alibis tracks (such as Nie revnui (Dont Be Jealous), Rai mezhdu nami (Paradise Between Us), Dai mne (Give It to Me), Bylo (Used to Be), Ogon i lyod (Fire and Ice), Da ili net (Yes or No) were uploaded on the Russian web-site in the section of RnB and broke a record in downloading around the world, proving that the provided material deserves good appreciation. Its a REAL proof of a REAL fame and potential of the duo Alibi.   

In March 2003 Alibi performs in Luzhniki (Moscow) on the one stage with a world-famous singer Shaggy. With their music material and dancing performance in RnB style, the girls have managed to produce a great impression on a sophisticated Moscow audience.

The cooperation with a famous Russian music video director and film director Fedor Bondarchuk has become a milestone in the history of a duo Alibi. It resulted in the bright and dynamic video for the song called Flamenco.

The event of a major importance in the history of a duo has become the fruitful cooperation with the best jazz band Shid Side, which included A.Saranchin (piano), A.Murenko (drums), V.Lykhoshva (lead guitar), D.Dudko (bass guitar), D.Aleksandrov (tenor saxophone) and A.Lebedenko (percussion). The cover-versions of the songs have been created and successful live project has been launched in the TV showTviy format (Your Format) (M1 music Chanel). Later this project was presented at the Ukrainian International Music Festival Tavriya Games in 2004-2005.  

In July 2004 Alibi make their debut as participants of the International music festival Zolotoy olen (Cherbul de Aur") which took place in Romania. The headliners of the festival were Pink and Thomas Anders.

The duo Alibi have been made a special mention of and won in the nomination of Music Critics Choice. On the creative jam-sessions the duo Alibi are given the honor to perform with a famous international jazz band Flavius Eurosound Band (Germany). This great experience opens new horizons for the popularization of Alibi abroad.

In 2004 Alibi present their second CD S Chistogo Lista (From Scratch) (""Records), and music video for the song of the same name (director M.Papernik, camera M.Adelshyn). Being authors and singers of their own songs Alibi have been awarded National award Zolota Zhar-ptytsya for their song S Chistogo Lista (From Scratch) (Tavriya Games).

For the authorship and performance of such songs as Ispoved (Confession)(2004) and Tabu (Taboo) (2005), which where found to be the best, the duo Alibi have been awarded high-prestige award of a popular TV festival Pesnya goda (Song of The Year).

In February 2005 the music video for the song Tabu(Taboo) was shot (director A.Badoev, camera V.Opelyants), which has become symbolic in the creative work of the duo Alibi and loved by the audience not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

The fruitful cooperation with the performer of Mambo # 5 Lou Bega has become another step toward success.

The recording of the joint song Bachata, and shooting of the music video for the same song (director A.Tishkin, V.Pryduvalov; camera M.Adelshyn), has become a talk of the town in the Ukrainian show business.

This cooperation became possible due to the successful negotiations between recording company which Alibi and Lou Bega cooperate with. 

Production company of Lou Bega has suggested recording the joint song Bachata, which fit into the music style of duo Alibi. 

Passionate song with Latin American drive, oriental accents, Cuban rhythms and sunny, summer spirit was recorded by the girls in Kiev with Mikhail Nekrasov, and dubbed in Germany.

In the beginning of 2006 the duo Alibi present their third CD Otrazheniye dushi (Soul Reflection). Its musical concept is multifaceted, but without breaking the unity, produces a special mood and bright impression of the matured creative work of Alibi.  The duo resigns from the former style and creates a new music image, convincingly taking its niche in Ukrainian show business. For the one of the brightest hits of the CD Shagi po krayu (Steps on the Edge) was shot a music video (director A.Badoev), which is a still a landmark of the duo Alibi.

Alibi are the authors and performers of their own songs (Anna lyrics; Angelina music), cooperating in the constant creative union with Mikhail Nekrasov (sound-producer, arranger and composer).

In December 2006 the CD has been sold with the number of 50 000 copies and soon have been awarded The Golden CD. In 2006 the duo Alibi has celebrated its 5th Anniversary of their creative work with the solo show program in the best concert hall FreeDom. Shortly after, the duo has been invited in Russia, where it was awarded a prestigious international award of the festival Best of the Best as The Best Foreign Project.

In 2007 Alibi present their fourth conceptual solo CD Melodiya dozhdya (Rain melody) and make their fans happy with the number of successful videos: Schitalochka (Counting-out) (directed - I.Ivanov), Melodya dozhdya (Rain melody) (director A.Badoev). The CD has proved to be a breakthrough and convincing creative achievement of the duo Alibi, which by maintaining its unique and recognizable style, managed to reveal its maturity and full-value.  

Besides their mutual achievements in the music sphere, Anna and Alina have managed to reveal their personality individually in the autonomous projects.

On December 19th 2007 Anna Zavalskaya establishes herself as a poet and author, publishing her first book Dolgoye proshchaniye (Long Good-Bye) conceptual ART_BOOK, where her best poetry is collected. Angelina Zavalskaya together with the band Jankoy Brothers presented her solo program Dolgoye proshchaniye (Long Good-Bye)

In 2008 Anna and Angelina Zavalskaya perform as TV hosts of the M1Cipe program on the M1 Music Chanel. 

Soon Alibi present their new bright single Nie dla pressy (Not for Press), addressing the audience with their new daring approach. The creative development of the duo Alibi has never been scandalous, and the reputation of the girls has always been excellent.

The duo Alibi established their own moto: To Live Not for PR. By remaining honest with themselves and their fans, the girls have proved that, in spite of the show business rules, it is possible to be in demand.

At the end of the year the duo produces two more videos for the lyrical and profound song Sny o tebe (Dreams About You) (director A.Badoev) and Ty dolzhen znat (You Have to Know It) (director F.Li).

In March 2009 Alibi performed at Viennese Ball accompanied by symphonic orchestra and presented several world hits. A long period of time the band spends in the recording studio and takes a short time out in order to return with the new ideas and creative material.     

The year of 2010 has become a concluding period for the band. The 6th CD ALIBI.THE BEST have been produced. There have been collected the best hits of the past years. There has also been produced mp3 CD and DVD with the best songs and videos of the Alibi.

9th Anniversary has been greatly celebrated in the concert club Crystall Hall. The production company Alibi has also been created and on the basis of it there has been founded a dancing school. Alibi has got their own team ALIBI DANCE PROJECT.

At the beginning of 2010 Anna Zavalskaya has been awarded Grand Prix diploma for her book Long Good-Bye in the nomination The Readers Choice at 12th International Festival The World of Book in Kharkiv. At the festival Anna has presented her poetry and performed several songs.

At present, Alibi continue looking for their new creative horizons! They are working on their new CD, which is being prepared for the 10th Anniversary of the duo. The girls successfully cooperate with young talented composers and arrangers Dmitryi Bannov and Dmitryi Saratskyi.   

 Due to the fruitful cooperation with Dmitryi Bannov Alibi have composed a song Origami and Bez lishnikh slov (Without Odd Words), which have immediately become the hits. Both songs succeeded in the context of video works too (Origami ,director A.Filatovich, Bez lishnikh slov (Without Odd Words) S.Tkachenko). Music critics mention that in the creative work of the band there have appeared new colours. The duo Alibi keeps surprising its fans.  

With Dmitryi Bannov, Alibi have composed a song Origami and bez lishnikh slov (Without Odd Words).

Through their all creative development the duo Alibi have always actively participated in various charity programs and social projects such as Anti-Aids Fashion Dobra volya sponsored by E.Franchuk, photo-project

V. Marushchenko Childer of the Sun (children who suffer Downs syndrome), project Its Better To Live With the Dream(struggle with leukemia), action Avon against breast cancer, project The Fire of Hearts of the international organization UNICEF, dedicated to protection of childs rights etc. 

Alibi have always supported the above mentioned events,on which they presented their lots, presents and made financial contribution for orphanages and children hospitals.  

In 10 years Alibi have always been participants and guests of TV projects, music festivals and song contests such as Pesnya goda and Zolotaya sharmanka, Tavriya Games, song contest Two Stars (Inter), beauty contests Miss Universe, great extreme TV projects Patriot games and Vlastelin gory, TV musicals Krassnaya shapochka (Little red Riding-hood) (directed by S.Gorov) and Kozaks (directed by I.Ivanov).     

Alibi have performed as guests at Ukrainian TV shows Fabryka zirok (Star factory), supporting the contestants. 

Anna and Angelina give the priority to the projects where they can show live and cover performance. The projects of the most interest have been the ones organized by GALA-RADIO: Michael Jackson Tribute as part of One Night Only and The Beatles Tribute (together with jazz band Unity).

The successful project Alibi has been suggested the cooperation with such trademarks as Pantene Pro-V, Puma, MacCoffee, CoffeeCoffee (Manzaro), Delfi, Julia House.

Over the last decade Alibi present a lot of concerts and tours with the solo program around Ukraine and abroad. They have performed in Russia, Turkey, Egypt and Germany.  

Alibi continues writing its musical fairy tale. Occupying their own niche in Ukrainian show business. The girls are working their way to the top, by inspiring their existing fans and conquering the hearts of the new ones.    


2002 Dve slezy (Two teardrops)

2003 Da ili Net (Yes or No)

2004 S chistogo lista (From scratch)

2006 Otrazheniye dushi (The Reflection of the soul)

2007 Melodya dozhdya (Rain melody)

2010 Alibi.The Best


Alibi (Alibi)

Dve slezy (Two teardrops)

Da ili Net (Yes or No)


S chistogo lista (From scratch)



Shagi po krayu (Steps on the Edge)


Melodya dozhdya (Rain melody)

 Nie dla pressy (Not for Press)

Sny o Tebe (Dream About You)

Ti dolzhen znat (You Have to Know It)


Bez Lishnikh Slov (Without odd words)

Byei posudu ("breaking dishes")

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